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German Tutoring at its Best 

Creative Teaching - Effective Results

Is German grammar and pronunciation too difficult?

Are exams looming?

Attending GSIS, KGV or a boarding school in the UK/US?

Or simply want to learn German for fun?

Then welcome to my site! 

Birgit Rommel | German Tutor in Hong Kong

Mrs Birgit Rommel

GSIS, KGV and UK/US boarding school specialised, highly successful, experienced and professional female private German tutor. 

Proven results - impeccable, original testimonials that can be trusted.




HK Registered Business No: 53981043

One-on-One Lessons

All lessons are tailor-made to the needs of each student and structured to complement any syllabus. My solid experience, pronunciation and innovative, confidence-boosting teaching style make the difference you are looking for!

Online Lessons Available

via Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom.

The perfect option for busy people, late night homework emergencies, extra exam prep, overseas students, during travels or even for regular lessons.

Expert in all major Exams

IB (A and B HL/SL)  -  AS/A levels  -  Pre-U  -  (I)GCSE  -  Sprachdiplom I/II CEFR  - Common Entrance  -  Advancement  -  Placement counselling and preparation

for GSIS and UK/US boarding schools.

All accredited past exam papers and materials available and constantly updated.

Perfect Native Standard German for all Levels and Needs

Students from GSIS, KGV, all major UK/US boarding schools and universities.   Corporate in-house training and workshops - Mother-tongue support - Accent improvement, also for dialect speakers - Translation - Voice & voice-over for TV, radio, software and toys.


Inexpensive conversation-only morning sessions 

Enjoy a coffee whilst chatting away!


   Fees depend on time-slot, duration of lesson (60 minutes minimum) and content chosen, i.e. regular weekly slot, one-off slot, boarding school holiday slot, conversation-only, exam preparation, crash-course, homework support, etc.

Expert in all exams

"Having lived in Hong Kong since 1985, Mrs Rommel has unparallelled experience and fully understood the linguistic challenges my children faced when switching from local school to GSIS this year. They found it very difficult to pronounce German and understand its complex grammar, which is so different to Chinese and even English. We are most grateful to Mrs Rommel for being a patient and resourceful tutor. She used a range of unusual methods to help them understand and memorise the grammar and to overcome their struggles with the pronunciation in a very short time."


(CK.L. father of two GSIS students)

"Birgit is an exceptionally good German tutor who really takes the time to analyse and progress each student’s needs. She is also extremely efficient and flexible which allows her to offer all ability levels from beginners up to undergraduate level. Her lessons are also fun too - Great at boosting confidence for stressed teenagers."


(J. C. C.)

More Testimonials
More Testimonials

"Without any hesitation we will definitely highly recommend Birgit to anyone who is looking for a German Tutor.

Our son's German has improved tremendously since and he has always enjoyed coming to her. We have been so lucky and we would like to share this with others too.

Good tutors are hard to find."

(S.C. mother of a GSIS, Winchester, now Cambridge student)

"Birgit is a very experienced IB tutor and we were lucky she could take on both my daughter in 2010 and my son in 2011. Both achieved a fantastic score in their German IBs as a result. Birgit made it possible for them to enjoy lessons despite the high demands and to eventually develop a deep love for this difficult language. Birgit's experience, dedication and professionalism is unparallelled and has surpassed all expectations."


(L.S. mother of KGV, now Cambridge 

resp. Newcastle students)

"Thank you to the lovely Birgit for all your help!

Unfortunately I only had 5 hours of lessons with Birgit whilst in Hong Kong for 1 week, but her help has made a world of a difference to my understanding of grammar rules and sentence structure.

I would highly, highly recommend Birgit as a german tutor in Hong Kong!"


(J.N. adult student)

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