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"Birgit is an exceptionally good German tutor who really takes the time to analyse and progress each student’s needs. She is also extremely efficient and flexible which allows her to offer all ability levels from beginners up to undergraduate level. Her lessons are also fun too - Great at boosting confidence for stressed teenagers."

(J. C. C.)

"Having lived in Hong Kong since 1985, Ms Rommel has unparallelled experience and fully understood the linguistic challenges my children faced when switching from local school to GSIS this year. They found it very difficult to pronounce German and understand its complex grammar, which is so different to Chinese and even English. We are most grateful to Ms Rommel for being a patient and resourceful tutor. She used a range of unusual methods to help them understand and memorise the grammar and to overcome their struggles with the pronunciation in a very short time."  

(CK.L. father of two GSIS students)


"Without any hesitation we will definitely highly recommend Birgit to anyone who is looking for a German Tutor. Our son's German has improved tremendously since and he has always enjoyed coming to her. We have been so lucky and we would like to share this with others too. Good tutors are hard to find."  

(S.C. mother of a GSIS, Winchester, now Cambridge student)


"Birgit is a very experienced IB tutor and we were lucky she could take on both my daughter in 2010 and my son in 2011. Both achieved a fantastic score in their German IBs as a result. Birgit made it possible for them to enjoy lessons despite the high demands and to eventually develop a deep love for this difficult language. Birgit's experience, dedication and professionalism is unparallelled and has surpassed all expectations."

(L.S. mother of KGV, now Cambridge resp. Newcastle students)


"I would like to take this opportunity to say that my daughters are very happy and that their confidence in themselves and German has improved immensely. Birgit has also set off their interest in the subject, which I think is very important in moving forward. My daughters are so fortunate to have Birgit as a tutor. I will not hesitate to recommend Birgit to other mothers at school."

(M.Y. mother of GSIS, now Bristol resp. HKU students)

"An excellent mentor in all things German. My brother has thoroughly enjoyed all his tutorial sessions and has made so much out of them, I highly recommend this!"

(C.L. brother of a GSIS, now Winchester student)


"I sent my two children (ages 14 and 17) very last minute to Birgit for lessons before they went back to school. Not only did Birgit manage to fit them into her already busy schedule, she immediately worked out what they needed to revise and gave them useful worksheets to take home. My 17 year old is an advanced German student who regularly gets As and she said that Birgit was, without a doubt, the best German teacher she had ever had. We look forward to more lessons with Birgit in the future." 

(T.H. mother of CLC/Winchester, UK students)


"My daughter's lessons with Birgit have given her a solid foundation (not to mention an impeccable accent!) for her German learning at school.  Birgit is very patient with her, answers all of her many questions, and explains the rules of grammar very clearly.  At the same time, she manages to make their lessons interesting and fun, with amusing topical anecdotes and games. As a result, my daughter loves learning German and looks forward to their lessons each week."

(A.W. mother of a GSIS student)


"Mrs Rommel is an enthusiastic teacher. She recognizes the potentials and difficulties of mine and trying her best to guide me out. Her creative and interactive lessons fully allow me to learn proper German pronunciation with fun. Her verbal presentation was extremely good, which encourages me to learn in a motivated way and understanding it well. To conclude, she is just great, I have no doubt on her teaching techniques and ability." 

(C.W. Yew Chung Int.School, Cambridge, now Oxford student)


"Birgit has been a real motivator for our son to improve his German language skills. Importantly, he has always enjoyed their lessons, and his confidence in the language has grown. The material they have covered has really complemented, and built on, his IGCSE school work. To be recommended!"

(J.S. mother of a GSIS, now Cambridge student)


"Birgit is my and my child's third native German tutor, but the first one living up to her reputation! She is not only a native High-German (standard) speaker but has THE most perfect German pronounciation and intonation and THE best knowledge one could wish for. Furthermore, her most unusual teaching methods make this difficult language fun and easy to learn - an unbeatable tutor! My son's grades have improved dramatically (going from D to A), as has his motivation to learn. Thank you, Birgit, for being the BEST."

(H.L.A. mother to a now Yale student)

"Birgit is an excellent tutor who truly understands what a pupil needs, but more than that, clearly cares about her pupils. She is a real expert, able to adapt to challenging timeframes and focus on what is needed. She encouraged, nurtured and kept my daughter focused in just the right measures. My daughter really enjoyed her lessons and wishes all her teachers were like Birgit!"

(J.R. mother of a DBIS student)


"Mrs Rommel is passionate about teaching and language and her enthusiasm transmits to her students and motivates them to learn. Her painstaking preparation of classes makes her lessons interesting and lively, while providing her students with a solid grounding in the language. She is an expert in designing custom made classes, as she draws on a huge bank of personal resources and on her excellent pedagogic skills."  

(H.R. head of corporate accounts)


"She is a very nice and kind teacher. She is very patient and is able to identify the problems that I am having with German. Also, she can explain very well and very clearly. She is always very encouraging as well."  

(S.L. GSIS, now Durham student)


"I am happy to fully recommend Birgit as a wonderful teacher. She uses very effective teaching methods, the classes are always lively and I have learnt a lot. I find myself very lucky to have found such a great German teacher. This is why I look forward to every German lesson." 

(S.S. GSIS, now Oxford student)


"Excellent! Since she is a native High-German, speaking perfectly with the proper pitch and without accent, I finally know how to speak 'correctly' -  I now  feel more confident  in speaking German and went from Foundation B to Higher A* in my GCSE exams." 

(J.M. year 11 UK student)


"Birgit was an excellent teacher, who helped me a lot and greatly improved my grasp of the German language. She was very kind and understanding and I believe that she is a truly amazing teacher." 

(D.C. year 11 UK student, now at Bristol)      


"Birgit is a very competent teacher. She has many useful resources and is good at explaining German grammar and other things I do not understand. Birgit is very professional, but also makes lessons enjoyable, by relating work to fun and daily situations. She has a good knowledge of German history and provides clear & precise information."  

(W.N. ex-GSIS student)


"A very good teacher. She teaches really well. Sometimes, she gives us extra homework. She is really responsable and very kind. I really enjoy learning German with her." 

(R.C. age 9, ESF student)


"She really is a fantastic teacher. Learning German with Birgit is simply a joy, and I always look forward to each coming session with her. Being a thorough professional and an extremely sensitive tutor, she has a knack for understanding the level of the learner, quickly adapting to that level and working together with the learner to bring it up quickly. Learning a language from a native certainly makes a difference, but Birgit is not only native but has the best proper standard high German pronunciation and intonation available, not to mention her unusually effective and fun teaching method. I am so glad to have Birgit, who makes the whole thing so much easier!"  

(B.K. senior manager at a major German conglomerate)


"I had studied German at secondary school for many years but had limited opportunities to use and practice the language. I was looking for a professional native teacher who could help me brush up my German but in a relaxed and casual manner. I wanted to have conversations on everyday life topics and wasn’t interested in having text book and structured style lessons. Birgit was able to accommodate all the requirements. She is flexible yet professional and personable. I always looked forward to our weekly lessons where we would talk about topics ranging from family, work, religion to marriage! I would highly recommend Birgit to those looking for a professional, reliable and friendly teacher to learn German with! 

(C.L. adult)


"Birgit is very helpful in every aspect of my German study. She is able to tailor-make the learning material for my education background; in that way I find my learning process a very effective one. She is also very flexible and extremely knowledgeable, hence able to teach using the way which makes it easier for me to understand."  

(H.K.W. adult, working towards thesis at HKU)


"She is truly an excellent and committed tutor I can fully recommend to any "half-German" family - finally, we can all speak German together!" 

(S.R. married to a German with 3 children) 


"Birgit, being a mother to a "multi-lingually challenged" child herself, immediately understood the challenges we faced and had all the tricks up her sleeve to make my child and me feel good. Both my children avoided speaking German to me before, but now they are proud of their heritage."  

(R.M. married to a German)

"It has been a pleasure to have Birgit Rommel as my German teacher. From the first lesson she was able to detect my level and provide valuable feedback. She is a patient and flexible teacher, as she caters the lessons to my progess to date." 

(D.Z. adult)

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